How To Get YouTube Royalty Free Songs

In this article, you will learn how to get YouTube royalty-free songs for your videos. This is a great way to save money and prevent any legal issues with copyright infringement.

There are a few different ways to get royalty-free songs for your YouTube videos. The best way to find the right song for your video is to think about what type of mood you want to set and then find the right song to match that mood.

Best Place To Find Youtube Royalty Free Songs

You can find royalty-free production music and sound effects for your videos on YouTube Studio.

Content from the YouTube Audio Library is safe because YouTube Studio is the only place where the Audio Library is found. 

Open The Audio Library

Sign in to the YouTube Studio. Choose Audio Library from the left-hand menu and select Audio Library

You can also access the Audio Library at

Search the audio library

Find music

In the Free music tab, click on the search bar to find suitable tracks.

You can search the band, Artist, or Title of the track. The band, Artist, or Title of the Track can also be searched. You can search by genre, mood, and duration.

Generate top Bollywood hits by clicking the tuning options icon. You can use the phone’s filter function to find tags from songs, artists, and moods. You can then sort your search results by clicking the columns on the left-hand side.

I suggest you click “star” next to the album’s track and the lists will come up. To see the lists of your most-played albums, click “starred” items under the “Albums” tab.

Artists release their new music twice a month.

Find sound effects

Under the “Sound effects tab,” look into the filters section and search for sound effects to add to your video.

If you are looking for a specific auditory effect to use in your piece of audio footage, search the library by title or keyword, and you can filter effects by category and duration (how long they last in seconds).

Play and download videos

Click Play and listen to the track if you like it. If you like it, click Download to get an MP3 version.

The audio track will continue to play as you venture through the digital library. To pause, seek, and to play the previous or next track, use the player controls above.

Give attribution

If you are using a track with creative commons, you must include the artist in the Video Description and attribute it accordingly. You can get attribution information by using the following:

To apply a Creative Commons Attribution licensing to a video that you made, you could simply click on the audio twice as displayed below: Here is what the end result looks like:

If you want to include a licensed recording from YouTube’s Audio Library, click the “use a licensed element” filter button.

If your video includes any music from the SoundCloud Audio Library, consider adding a Music by Use touch and we’ll add the audio to your video in conjunction with your clip in real-time. Also be aware that if you include music with a creative commons license, the attribution collaborator is still required.


As a YouTuber of one, the biggest challenge in making a youtube video and monetizing it is background sounds which is why it is more advisable to get songs for your youtube background directly from a youtube studio. Some of them come with credit to the author while others don’t need you crediting the author but always have in mind that songs from the youtube library are strictly for youtube videos along and you can’t use these background sound on other platforms. Feel free to contact us for further assistance, Subscribe for the latest songs.

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